Zoe Kovacs Murals
Zoe Kovacs Murals

What next:


The first step is to discuss your project. 

A visit to the site for the mural work is always very helpful, though photos and good architectural drawings can tell me all I need to know if the site is unfinished. 

I am happy to come up with ideas from scratch or work to a brief.  Generally it turns out to be a mix of both.  A rough price can be given at this stage taking into consideration the size of the mural/paint finish, the complexity of the design and the time scale.  I will then make sketches for you. 

I like the finished work to be ‘real’ so prefer to create the piece on the wall rather than do very finished studies and then copy them.  This gives each mural a freshness and life of its own. The sketch is just a beginning. 

Once the idea is ready and the materials are taken into account I will give you an accurate price for the work. 

Payment is normally made in stages:  For small commissions, £1000 to £5000, 40% is paid up front with the approval of the job, the remaining 60% paid on completion.  For larger commissions, £5000 upwards, it is still 40% on approval, then 30% at the half way stage and 30% on completion. 

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