Zoe Kovacs Murals
I have been painting murals since 1995 and love the challenge that each space creates. It fascinates me to walk into a room whether it’s in a private house, hotel or restaurant and see what could be there.  I like to work in different environments as each place teaches me more about the world. Whether it is a mural in a Chinese restaurant, Egyptian hotel or Cornish maritime themed room, the research is always interesting.
Whatever the type of property, be it Georgian, Victorian, modern, or other, it is important to get the feel of a place and add to it rather than impose something that is simply not right.  It is very important to me to paint something that the client loves, after all, it is there for them to live or work with. I paint patterns, people, tromp l’oeil and paint effects, just about anything really. At the moment I am very interested in Elizabethan tapestries, patterns and hand painted wallpaper/wall hangings. 
Female Acrobat_01.  Movenpick Hotel, El Gouna, Egypt.
Masked Acrobat, Penzance Arts Club.
Shelving.  Kitchen, St Hillary
Fish Detail, Tai Pan Restaurant, Wadebridge
Bamboo, Tai Pan Restaurant, Wadebridge
Blossom, Behind Bed, St Hillary
Detail of ‘Corset’ wardrobe, St Hillary
Detail, Oriental Carpet Shop. Kew Gardens
Bathroom Panel
Colour wash. Private home, Penzance
Window seat, Penzance Arts Club.
Painted table, St Hillary
Painted bookcase, St Hillary
Painted Window
Sky bedroom ceiling
Oriental Carpet Shop. Kew Gardens
Combing texture. Private home, Penzance
Courtiers, Tai Pan Restaurant, Wadebridge.
Shelving.  Kitchen, St Hillary
Fireplace, Penzance Arts Club.
Female Acrobat. Movenpick Hotel, El Gouna, Egypt.
Restaurant detail, Movenpick Hotel, El Qusier, Egypt.
Detail of ‘Corset’ wardrobe, St Hillary
Zoe Kovacs
Aga back.  Kitchen, St Hillary
Guardian. Restaurant, El Agami, Egypt
Behind Bed painted drop, St Hillary
Falling Male Acrobat, Movenpick Hotel, El Gouna, Egypt.
Restaurant Entrance, El Agami, Egypt.

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